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Take your home from ordinary to inspired with Vander Berg Furniture & Flooring – Your Designer Store. With complimentary design services and a heart for the home, we are committed to providing the inspiration and direction you need to create a home that suits your family. Located on the southern edge of Sioux Center, Iowa, Vander Berg Furniture & Flooring’s two-level showroom and three fully-decorated model homes showcase the latest design trends, pairing unique accessories with timeless home furnishings. So, whether it’s furniture, flooring, accessories, window shades, or the design service to pull it all together, Vander Berg’s team of designers and craftsmen is ready to take your ideas and make them a reality!

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The Thanksgiving Table

Vander Berg Furniture & Flooring in Sioux Center, IA. Complimentary Design Services

Family, friends and who can forget the turkey! All marks of the holiday season, and specifically, the day we gather together to give thanks for our many blessings. And where do we gather? Around the table – to share in conversation, rekindle relationships, and foster new memories. For many, these moments happen only a couple times a year; and the comfort, class, size and style all contribute to the experience they have around your table. Continue reading

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